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My daughter was getting married in Jonesboro Ar. and we live in Pine Bluff.I tried to get her to come home but she wonted this lady to do her wedding,she had been to four weddings in the past three years while at AR.State and she wonted no one but this Catering Company to do her Wedding.
I called her and she meet us at 10:00 on a Wed.night after we got off work and drove the three hours to meet with her.Well that was the last time we had to meet,she booked our hotel rooms,she had everything done for us all we had to do is walk into that church then the reception,which blew everyone away.She is a one stop deal.She did the cake,all wedding flowers,there reception ,and had a beautiful basket waiting on the bride and groom at the end of the night..Thank you again,we will never forget you and how much you did for us.I tell everyone about you and we get the same story of how you took such good care of them.Brenda Shannon-Pine Bluff,Ar I could like to give you 10 in stead of the 5 rating that is posted
Our daughter was planning a wedding two years ago
and the catering company we were dealing with in Memphis was giving me such a hard time and would not listen to anything we had to say or our ideas of what we wonted ,So a friend of mine in Bartlett told me of Miss Rosie’s catering and House of Flower in Lepanto,Ar.I had never herd of the town,But let me tell you this is a high style
company hidden away in a small town.She is a Jewell,she listen to us and did so much more than
we could ever thought of on our own.LOVE,LOVE,LOVE THIS WOMAN AND HER STAFF
Three years ago I was told about Miss Rosie at the house of flowers in Lepanto.I called her and she meet me at 9 in the evening to plan my wedding.I loved everything she did,the flowers were fresh and beautiful,the food was great,but most of all the staff and Miss Rosie makes you feel so special this is were you should go if you won't to have everything you ask for. I rate you a 10 out of 10 GREAT JOB!!!!THANK YOU CINDY ROSS
My grandmother passed away and we needed a cover
for the top of the casket and was told by friends in lepanto to go see miss Rosie at the house of flowers.THANK GOD WE DID!!You should have seen this arrangement it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.YOU ARE THE BEST MISS ROSIE

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